Frozen Bloodworms

Bloodworms are readily accepted as a natural food by 99% of carnivorous fish and are suitable for both freshwater and marine specimens. Our frozen blood worms are developed in freshwater lakes.

Frozen BloodwormsFrozen bloodworm is often used by advanced hobbyists and fish breeders as a component of maturation diets. Due to its high content of iron and protein it helps fry develop quickly. Our foods are harvested, cleaned, and flash frozen to ensure that the product is kept in superb condition.

All BCUK frozen foods are also gamma irradiated to ensure that no parasites or pathogens are present in the packs of food giving you peace of mind.  Frozen Blood worm is available in 100g blister packs and 1kg slabs which represent even better value.

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Frozen Bloodworms, What are they?

Bloodworm is the larvae of a midge insect called a chironomid. The parent insect looks a lot like a mosquito but they do not bite.  The insect’s habitat is near rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. The Blood worm is naturally pink but appears deep red in colour as it has such high levels of hemoglobin in its blood. This enables the larvae to breathe and live in muddy bottoms of the waterways while it feeds and grows ready for maturing into its adult stage.

Is Bloodworm good for my fish?

Blood worm is a natural part of a fish’s diet and comes in different sizes to suit. They contain a high amount of iron and protein but do lack other essential minerals, amino acids, and vitamins so they should be used alongside their regular diet of flake or pellets.

What is the benefit of using Frozen Bloodworm?

Frozen Blood worm has the advantage that it is Gamma irradiated before being flash-frozen so it will not carry any pathogens, parasites, or diseases ensuring a risk-free way to feed your pets. Also, Frozen food will last up to 6 months in your freezer so it is a lot more convenient to keep. Make sure you always defrost and rinse frozen food before feeding.

Which bloodworm are best?

Here at Frozen Fish Food we stock many varieties of blood worm – probably the most varieties in the UK but at the end of the day it’s all about personal preference of which one you would like to use. The BCUK Bloodworm is by far our best seller and has a lot of positive feedback regarding its deep red colour and its big size. All of our bloodworms are great and from reputable sources from across the world.

How do I feed Frozen Bloodworms?

1. Estimate how much food you are going to need to feed your fish. Too much food can really upset your water quality and harm your fish so its important that you don’t have excess food floating around your aquarium after your fish have eaten. Start with small amounts and increase to suit your aquarium and livestock.

2. Use a food-grade container and defrost the food required in some aquarium water or reverse osmosis water (not tap water).

3. Once defrosted (no longer than 30 minutes) pour the food through a fine net over the sink and then if you wish to use another cup of tank water to rinse the food further (every little helps)

4. The food is then ready to be put in the tank. It’s up to you how you do this. Some aquarists mix the food back into the container with more tank water and use a pipet feeder to target certain species and some aquarists just empty and rinse the net into the tank.

Frozen Bloodworms as Bait

Our 1kg Slabs of Frozen Bloodworms are also popular with fishermen who use them to attract fish. Wild fish find bloodworm irresistible with it being such a natural food item. Fishermen report that it consistently triggers a greater feeding response than other bait items.


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