Frozen Brine Shrimp

Frozen Brine shrimp (Artemia salina) are small, filter-feeding crustaceans that live in saltwater habitats. They grow to around 8 mm and take about a week to mature depending on the conditions. After they mature, they can live for several months and produce as much as 75 eggs every day. They live in a large range of different saline habitats inland and on the coast. These creatures have a remarkable resistance to changes in temperature and salinity levels. Their gills allow them to survive these conditions by absorbing or extracting ions as needed. They, therefore, may live offshore, in lakes or in man-made bodies of water in most parts of the world. To eat, they use structures on their legs to capture phytoplankton.

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Brine shrimp (especially nano brine shrimp) are an excellent food that can be added to any saltwater aquarium. They are more nutritionally complete than most dry or frozen foods. They can also be used to feed or train finicky fish. Like anything else in the hobby, there are many ways to feed brine shrimp so don’t be afraid to try your own methods!

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