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Gamma Cyclops are gamma-irradiated and this completely eliminates any risk of introducing harmful parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is completely safe to store in your freezer. Gamma frozen foods are made from 100% natural products and the wide variety available ensures that individual species of fish receive a balanced, varied and interesting diet.

Blister packed to allow one cube of food to be dispensed at a time. A quick and convenient way of feeding fish.

    • High quality frozen food for aquarium fish
    • 100% natural products that your fish will recognise and enjoy
    • Gamma ray irradiated – pathogen free
    • 100% safe to store in your freezer.

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Cyclops are zooplankton and provide ideal natural food for freshwater and marine fish. Cyclops are also ideal for filter-feeding invertebrates, corals, seahorses and any fish with small mouths.

How to feed Cyclops to Fish

Feed fish 2-3 times a day. Only feed the amount your fish will consume in 5 minutes. Thawing the cubes is not recommended as it is designed to maintain form throughout the recommended feeding timeframe. Simply drop frozen cube into tank. Remove any uneaten food.

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Food by Freshwater Fish

African Cichlid, American Cichlid, Angels, Barbs, Catfish, Discus, Goldfish & Koi, Gouramis, Livebearers, Loaches, Sharks, Shrimps & Crabs, Tetras

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