ON Clams on the Half Shell


Freshly frozen clams with only one shell to stimulate the natural feeding behaviour.

  • Allows finicky eaters to feed naturally from the shell.
  • Excellent for fish that need to grind their teeth.


molluscs and crustaceans.

Did you know?

As pufferfish and triggerfish will scrape on the shells, their teeth will be grinded, thus preventing overgrown teeth.

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Food by Saltwater Fish

Angels, Anthias, Basslets & Dottybacks, Blennies, Butterflies, Cardinals, Clowns, Damsels & Chromis, Eels, Gobies & Dragonets, Groupers, Hawkfish, Invertebrates, Puffers & Boxfish, Pygmy Angels, Scorpionfish, Sharks & Rays, Tangs, Triggers, Wrasse & Parrotfish

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