ON Tanganyika Mix


A nutritionally balanced blend of the finest ingredients, ideal the community Tanganyika Cichlid tank.

  • This improved formula contains a variety of nutritious and fresh ingredients; artemia, spinach, cyclops, mysis, daphnia, chopped mussels and spirulina.
  • Produced with pure and fresh ingredients, without the use of excess water.
  • The animals are caught alive and flash-frozen at very low temperatures (-60°C), while using liquid nitrogen to ensure a fast freezing process and to avoid water pollution and nutrients leaching into the aquarium water.



Molluscs and crustaceans, vegetables, algae.

Did you know?

Tanganyika cichlids are unable to digest hemaglobine.

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Ocean Nutrition’s Tanganyika Mix.

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Food by Freshwater Fish

African Cichlid

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