Feeding Guide

1. Estimate how much food you are going to need to feed your fish. To much food can really upset your water quality and harm your fish so its important that you don’t have excess food floating around your aquarium after your fish have eaten. Start with small amounts and increase to suit your aquarium and livestock.

2. Use a food grade container and defrost the food required in some aquarium water or reverse osmosis water (not tap water).

3. Once defrosted (no longer than 30 minutes) pour the food through a fine net over the sink and then if you wish use another cup of tank water
To rinse the food further.

4. The food is then ready to be put in the tank. It’s up to you how you do this. Some aquarists mix the food back into the container with more tank water and use a pipet feeder to target certain species and some aquarists just empty and rinse the net into the tank.

Feeding guide for Ocean Nutrition Formula foods.

Feeding guide for Ocean Nutrition Formula foods.

Ocean Nutrition Frozen Formula Foods™ no longer need to be thawed before feeding! In fact we recommend not thawing the foods so that no external bacteria can contaminate the food.

They contain a new binder which is a unique combination of ingredients from both marine and plant origin that is 95% digestible and contains soluble dietary fiber.

Frozen Formula Foods™ are unique solutions from Ocean Nutrition™. They are the most complete, most natural, and most nutritious foods available to the hobby, as they combine the freshness of frozen foods and the completeness of formulated foods. They are a blend of the highest quality, natural ingredients for superior nutrient absorption and high digestibility.

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