Puffer Fish Food

Puffer Fish, Pufferfish or Blowfish, as they are known, cover some 150 different species, with around 30 being freshwater. They are all considered to be omniverous, eating mainly invertebrates and algae. The hard beak is used to crack open clams, mussels and shellfish.

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Puffer Fish Info

Pufferfish may look cute but they are all aggressive predators and generally very territorial! They grow to sizes of from just an inch to over 24 inches! Take care before choosing your species for any tank.

They are intelligent and will learn to interact with you, especially at feeding time.

Puffer Fish Diet

In the wild Pufferfish will eat snails, crustaceans, shellfish and even other fish.

Teeth are important as they keep growing throughout their life. This is why you need to feed them hard substrate animals which will help to grind the teeth down.

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