Lobster Eggs

Lobster Eggs, Fish Eggs and other invertebrate eggs form part of the natural diet of almost all freshwater and marine fish and crustaceans.

By far the easiest way to provide these in the aquarium is through highly nutritious Frozen Lobster Eggs. Fish particularly find these small orange eggs extremely tasty!

Lobster Eggs contain high levels of highly unsaturated fatty acids and protein.

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Which Fish Eat Lobster Eggs?

Lobster Eggs can be fed to the following groups of fish and invertebrates… Angels – Pygmy Angels, Barbs – Tetra’s – Rasbora’s, Butterflyfish, Cichlids, Clownfish, Damsels – Anthias, Gobies – Blennies. Invertebrates, Livebearers, Mandarins – Cardinals, Nano Reef, Rainbow Fish, Seahorses – RazorfishShrimps – Crayfish – Crabs, Surgeonfish.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Frozen Fish Foods go straight into the tank?

Yes they can. All products are rinsed thoroughly before being “flash frozen.” Once the frozen product enters the water it will defrost and spread evenly throughout the tank.

What does “Flash Frozen” mean? 

Flash freezing is a process used where fish and other sea products are frozen almost immediately after being harvested. This means they keep their natural look and nutrition without the need for any artificial preservatives.

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