Phytoplankton is at the base of the food chain. They are small, microscopic plants that live in the ocean. There are a few different kinds, such as diatoms, dinoflagellates, and cyanobacteria. These single-celled photosynthetic organisms can be put into aquariums as fresh fish food.

Plankton fish food delivers the nutritional benefits your fish need without having to worry about what you’re feeding them. Too often, your fish food is suffering from lack of proper nutrients, feeding plankton avoids this.

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Types of Phytoplankton


When you can order phytoplankton online, there are lots of available options. Diatoms are a major group of small, unicellular producers within the food chain. Dinoflagellates are marine plankton and play an important part in coral reefs. If you have this sort of set up in your aquarium, phytoplankton fish food of this type is ideal.

Cyanobacteria can often be referred to as blue-green algae, based on its colour. Phytoplankton deliveries are the best combination of these items, which will also give your fish the impression of being in a real marine habitat; it’ll be reminiscent of their natural environment.

Order phytoplankton online and take advantage of easy ordering, reasonable prices, and reliable delivery services. Don’t stress if you can’t make it to the store this week when you have this alternative option.

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